Lessons in Leadership: Bill Dering and Joe DiVincenzo, and Frank, Scarlyn and Elvin

Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba are joined by Bill Dering, Retired Corporate Machine Shop Supervisor and Army Veteran, about how he continues to be fit in mind, body and spirit through exercise, Yoga and never saying the word “can’t”. Steve is then joined by Joe DiVincenzo, Jr., Essex County Executive, who talks about the importance of following up and following through, and no detail too small. 5/2/21

Lessons in Leadership: Joe Nyre and TJ Nelligan

In this special edition of Lessons in Leadership, Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba talk with Joe Nyre, PhD, President, Seton Hall University, about their Strategic Plan 2021-2023 and why they are committed to the whole person and the common good. Then, Steve talks with TJ Nelligan, Entrepreneur, Advocate, and Former Chairman & CEO, 2014 Special Olympics USA Games, about his book, “Live Like Sean: Important Lessons From MY Special Needs Son.” TJ shares the lessons he learned from his son, such as the importance of being present, being grateful and being kind. 4/25/21

Lessons in Leadership: John Devin and Andre Goy

Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba are joined by John Devin, President, Fedway Associates, about the importance of innovation in challenging times, as well as fostering a culture of team building and mentoring with an organization. Then, Steve and Mary talk with Andre Goy, MD, Chairman & Chief Physician Officer, John Theurer Cancer Center, Physician in Chief, Hackensack Meridian Health Oncology, about scientific innovation and leadership. 4/18/21

Lessons in Leadership: Maria Spina and Barry Ostrowsky

Maria Spina, PSEG Foundation Program Manager, joins Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba on Lessons in Leadership to talk about the biggest challenges, opportunities and lessons she has experienced leading a non-profit during COVID-19. Then, Steve talks with Barry Ostrowsky, President & CEO, RWJBarnabas Health, about leadership and social impact, and the importance of letting your team know you care about them, particularly in challenging times. 4/11/21

Lessons in Leadership: Mike Van Wagner and Ali Houshmand

Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba are joined by Mike Van Wagner, VP, Public Affairs, NJM Insurance Group, who talks about why it is so important to support nonprofits, especially in a pandemic. Then, Steve talks with Ali Houshmand, PhD, President, Rowan University, about the connection between leadership and logistics, particularly tied to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. 4/4/21

Lessons in Leadership: Joe Jingoli and Pastor Collin Days and Angelica Berrie

In this special edition of Lessons in Leadership, Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba talk with Joe Jingoli, CEO, Jingoli Construction / DCO Energy and Collins Days, Pastor, Second Baptist Church, about “Leaders in Training,” a workforce development program they established teaching life and leadership skills to Atlantic City youth. Then, Steve is joined by Angelica Berrie, President, Russell Berrie Foundation Board of Trustees, who talks about leadership in the philanthropic community. 3/28/21

Lessons in Leadership: Rodger DeRose and Maria Vizcarrondo

Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba are joined by Rodger DeRose, President & CEO, Kessler Foundation about the connection between research and leadership. Then, Steve talks with Maria Vizcarrondo, President & CEO, Council of NJ Grantmakers about servant leadership and how the challenges we face in life make us more resilient. 3/21/21

Lessons in Leadership: Bernie Corrigan and Marty Everhart

In this edition of Lessons in Leadership, Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba talk with Bernie Corrigan, President, IBEW Local 102 about leadership and their partnership with Rowan University and the BA in Construction Management online program. Then, Steve and Mary talk with Marty Everhart, Chief Human Resources Officer, RWJBarnabas Health, about the opportunities and challenges facing employees during COVID-19. 3/14/21

Lessons in Leadership: Joe Roth and John Catsimatidis

In this edition of Lessons in Leadership, Steve and Mary are joined by Joe Roth, President and CEO, NJ Sharing network, talking about the importance of organ and tissue donation. Then, Steve talks with John Catsimatidis, Chairman & CEO, Red Apple Group, about the importance of taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others. 2/21/21

Lessons in Leadership: Bryan Price and Governor Mario Cuomo

Steve and Mary are joined by Bryan Price, Executive Director, Buccino Leadership Institute at Seton Hall University, who talks about the importance of teaching young adults leadership skills. Then, Steve talks to the late Governor Mario Cuomo in an interview he did with him in 2002 about what he believes to be the essence of powerful communication. 2/14/21

Lessons in Leadership: Ira Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk

Ira Robbins, President & CEO, Valley Bank, shares the lessons he learned during the pandemic and how Valley continues to support their Valley team members and customers during uncertain times. Then, Steve talks with Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia & Chairman of VaynerX, about what it means to be an entrepreneur while dealing with adversity. 2/7/21

Lessons in Leadership: Max Leventhal and Marie Blistan

On this edition of Lessons in Leadership, Steve and Mary talk with Max Leventhal, Director of Business Development, Fedway Associates, about how the Fedway family worked together to overcome loss from Hurricane Sandy and to keep their team safe during COVID-19. Then, Steve talks with Marie Blistan, President, NJ Education Association, about how teachers continue to be innovators and leaders during the pandemic. 1/31/21

Lessons in Leadership: Michael Reuter and Mike Erbeck

Professor Michael Reuter, Director Emeritus, The Gerald P. Buccino ’63 Center for Leadership Development, The Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University, talks about his passion for leadership and giving to others. Then, Steve talks to Mike Erbeck, Vice President, United Airlines’ Newark Hub, about how they innovated during the pandemic. 1/17/21

Lessons in Leadership: Renée Marino and Eric LeGrand

In this edition of Lessons in Leadership, Steve and Mary talk with Renée Marino, Communication Coach and Co-host of Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi’s first-ever virtual “World Summit”. Then, Eric LeGrand, Motivational Speaker, Sports Analyst, Philanthropist & Entrepreneur talks about his entrepreneurial spirit and positive outlook on life. 1/10/21

Lessons in Leadership: Dale Florio and Michele Adubato

Steve Adubato and his co-host Mary Gamba talk with Dale Florio, Managing Partner, Princeton Public Affairs Group and CEO of Jersey Sports Zone about “helicopter parenting,” youth sports and leadership. Then, Steve talks to his sister, Michele Adubato, CEO of The North Ward Center, about her experience with COVID-19, her long road to recovery and the lessons she learned. 12/20/20

Lessons in Leadership: Jenna Shulman and Keith Banks

Jenna Shulman, Independent Educational Consultant, JS College Consulting, LLC, talk with Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba about the challenges facing students and higher ed as a result of COVID-19 and what the changing landscape of higher ed may look like in the future. Then, Keith Banks, Vice Chairman and Head of the Investment Solutions Group at Bank of America, talks about the importance of building a strong foundation around leadership, and how starting with a strategy and philosophy then builds a culture.

Lessons in Leadership: Asw. Holly Schepisi and Ben Dworkin

Asw. Holly Schepisi (R) – NJ, 39th Legislative District, talks with Steve Adubato about the challenges women face leading in politics and shares the personal issues she has faced this year and how she continues to move forward. Then, Steve and Mary offer insight on Steve’s interview with Ben Dworkin, PhD, Director of the Rowan Institute for Public Policy and Citizenship. Dr. Dworkin shares that political leadership sometimes means doing things that make you unpopular. 12/6/20

Lessons in Leadership: Bernie Flynn and Eugene Cornacchia

Bernie Flynn, CEO, Mercer Street Friends, talks with Steve Adubato and his co-host Mary Gamba and shares his tips and tools on how to stay ahead of the curve, especially in uncertain times, and talks about the importance of being present. Then, Steve talks with Eugene Cornacchia, PhD, President of Saint Peter’s University, who says that the best leaders are confident enough to say “I don’t know,” and are those who go the extra mile to connect with others. 11/29/20

Lessons in Leadership: Frank J. Mazzarella, MD and Richard Christopher Scuderi

Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba are joined by Frank J. Mazzarella, MD, CHCQM, Chief Continuum of Care Officer at Clara Maass Medical Center about the challenges he faced as a leader during COVID-19 and exactly how transparent a leader should be in a crisis. Then, Richard Christopher Scuderi talks about his book, “The Lonely Boy” and his personal experience with depression and anxiety and how he has used the lessons he has learned to help others. 11/22/20

Lessons in Leadership: Patrick Delle Cava and Jose Lozano

Patrick R. Delle Cava, Business Manager, Local 102 IBEW, talks with Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba about the importance of leading by example and providing education and resources to your team, especially in challenging times. Then, Steve talks with Jose Lozano, President & CEO, Choose NJ, about the challenges of building relationships remotely and the connection between exercise and keeping your mind and body healthy. 11/15/20

Lessons in Leadership: Anthony Russo and NJ Governor Phil Murphy

On this special edition of Lessons in Leadership, Steve Adubato and Mary Gamba are first joined by Anthony Russo, President, Commerce and Industry Association of NJ, CEO/Publisher, COMMERCE Magazine. Tony talks about the impact that COVID-19 has had on business in NJ. Then, Steve talks with NJ Governor Phil Murphy about the lessons he learned leading the Garden State during a pandemic.

Lessons in Leadership: Michael Maron and Chris J. Durkin

Steve and Mary are joined by Michael Maron, President & CEO, Holy Name Medical Center, who shares his personal experience with COVID-19 and the lessons he learned when communicating in a crisis. Then, Steve talks with Chris J. Durkin, Essex County Clerk, about the importance of giving back and the connection between family, leadership and legacy. 11/1/20

Lessons in Leadership: Newark Mayor Ras Baraka

Steve Adubato is joined by Newark Mayor Ras Baraka talking about leadership in challenging times. Then, Steve and his co-host Mary Gamba talk about crisis leadership, team building and the importance of sharing timely and accurate information in uncertain times.

Lessons in Leadership: Nicole Swenarton, Mikaela Batts and Erika Szumel

In this special edition of Lessons in Leadership, Steve Adubato talks with Caucus Educational Corporation producers Nicole Swenarton, Mikaela Batts and Erika Szumel about leadership and communication. Then, Steve and his co-host Mary Gamba share their insight and perspective on leadership.

Lessons in Leadership: Michael Knecht and Sheila Oliver

Michael E. Knecht, SVP, Strategic Marketing & Communications, RWJBarnabas Health, joins Steve to talk about the importance of sharing information with both internal and external stakeholders. Then, Steve talks with Sheila Oliver about the leadership lessons she has learned as Lt. Governor of New Jersey.

Lessons in Leadership: Dr. Henry Balzani and Greg Lalevee

Steve is first joined by Henry Balzani, RPh, MS, MD (retired), Certified Health Nutrition and Wellness Coach, Addiction Specialist and Lecturer and Co-Author, “The Silver Linings Storybook.” Then, Greg Lalevee, Business Manager, IUOE Local 825, shares tips and tools on leading, managing and communicating remotely.


Lessons In Leadership: Dr. Dan Varga / Kevin Luing

Dr. Dan Varga, Chief Physician Executive, Hackensack Meridian Health, provides insight into the leadership challenges and opportunities health care professionals face during COVID-19. Then, Steve is joined by Kevin Luing, Chairman, Berkeley College, who shares the lessons he has learned dealing with remote learning and higher education.


Lessons In Leadership: Kevin Slavin / Dr. Ali Houshmand

Kevin Slavin, President & CEO, St. Joseph’s Health, talks about innovating in a COVID-19 world. Then, Steve is joined by Ali Houshmand, President, Rowan University, who shares what higher ed may look like this fall and the leadership lessons he has learned from COVID-19.

Lessons In Leadership: Lori Roth / Glenn Friedman

Lori Roth, National Managing Partner, Prager Metis and Glenn Friedman, CEO, Prager Metis International, share tips and tools for all business leaders in a post-COVID-19 environment.

Lessons In Leadership: Michellene Davis

Michellene Davis, Executive VP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, RWJBarnabas Health, offers tips and tools on motivating and thanking your team during the pandemic. Then, Michellene shares what leadership is needed to address healthcare disparities, particularly in light of COVID-19.

Lessons in Leadership: Joel Bloom / Kevin Cummings

Kevin Cummings, Chairman & CEO, Investors Bank, talks with Steve about the importance of being compassionate and listening to your team. Then, Dr. Joel Bloom, President, NJIT, shares the leadership lessons he has learned during COVID-19 and the importance of communicating in a clear and concise manner.

Lessons In Leadership: Barry Ostrowsky / Tim Sullivan

Barry Ostrowsky, President & CEO, RWJBH, joins Steve to talk about how the great leaders make tough decisions in a pandemic and go out of their way to acknowledge and recognize their team. Then, Steve is joined by Tim Sullivan, CEO, NJ Economic Development Authority, who shares his views on how best to lead in a pandemic, including communicating with candor and touching base with your team.

Leadership Hour: Tim Hogan & Steve Baker

Steve Adubato is joined by Tim Hogan, President, Care Transformation Services, Hackensack Meridian Health to discuss leadership in healthcare. Steve Baker, Director of Communications at New Jersey Education Association, also joins Steve and Mary to discuss leadership in education.

Leadership Hour: Ken Daneyko & Alan Alda

Steve Adubato is joined by Ken Daneyko, Former Defensemen for New Jersey Devils,  to discuss the connection between sports and leadership. Steve and Mary also listen to Steve’s recent interview with Alan Alda, the legendary, award-winning actor and author and visiting professor and co-founder of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University, and comment on the value of building communication skills.

Leadership Hour: Dennis Wilson with Frank Morano Pt. 2

Steve Adubato is joined by Dennis Wilson, President & CEO, Delta Dental of NJ, to discuss the importance of leaders having the ability to take advice and guidance from others. Steve is also joined by Frank Morano, Radio Talk Show Host & Producer at AM970 in NYC, for part 2 of his interview.

Leadership Hour: Amanda Mullan

Steve Adubato is joined by Amanda Mullan, SVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at New Jersey Resources, to discuss the importance of leaders taking interest in their employees’ personal and professional development.

Leadership Hour: Laura Van Bloem

Steve Adubato is joined by Laura Van Bloem, VP of Marketing & Sponsor Relations at the Caucus Educational Corporation, to discuss the lessons she’s learned about leadership.

Leadership Hour: Ray Butkus

Steve Adubato is joined by Ray Butkus, Executive Lecturer for the School of Business at Saint Peter’s University and Founding Director for the Center for Leadership Studies. They take a deep dive into what qualities and characteristics define a leader and whether the great leaders are born or made.

Leadership Hour: Kevin Cummings, Cory Booker

Steve Adubato is joined by Kevin Cummings, Chairman and CEO of Investors Bank to discuss the leadership lessons he’s learned. In the second half, Steve is joined by United States Senator Cory Booker (D) – NJ on State of Affairs with Steve Adubato.